ICDA Successful Members Meeting in Kyoto

The Members' of ICDA gathered in the wonderful city of Kyoto for a successful Members' Meeting 2012.

This event has been impatiently expected since it was postponed by one year given the difficult period Japan went through, but recovered quickly!

The ball was opened by Jeff Mclaughlan - former Vice President - who succeeds to Jim Cochrane as ICDA President. The 135 attending Members of ICDA have enjoyed a perfect programme covering Japan-related issues as well as other more general topics and global hot issues such as the ferrochrome pricing mechanism system, the development of chromite in Canada, REACH-like legislations applied around the globe in addition to other comprehensive speeches.

The ICDA greatly thanks its Japanese Members for their strong commitment in making this event a success and for their enthusiasm in introducing their Colleagues from the chrome industry to the Japanese culture.

An early departure for an exciting visit of Lexus (Toyota luxury brand) carmaker Tahara plant!

The delegates of ICDA received a very warm welcome by the Lexus staff and had the chance to see the perfect assembly line in addition to a very informative video summarizing all the different steps for making a Lexus car.

The automobile industry is a final user of chrome product (stainless steel, chrome plating) for many parts amongst them: valves, camshafts, exhaust, decorative trims (non-exhaustive list)

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