S400 Series stainless steel Application and Development Seminar

Sponsored by ICDA through its Market Development Committee, and also with the support of IMOA and ISSF.

Attendance was of 137 participants representing the Taiwanese industry who discovered the properties and benefits of using ferritics. Around 50 mn at the end of the day were dedicated to questions and answers about the workability of ferritics and the appropriate choice of the grades in function of the application.

Presentations were: The characteristics of 400 series (Yusco), Working with ferritics (ICDA), Ferritic stainless steel in building and Construction (IMOA), 400 series at IKEA (IKEA), Ferritic tubes for Swiss plumber: value creation through innovation (Nussbaum), Evolution of 400 series market shares by major region (ISSF), Development of 400 series in Taiwan (MIRDC), Other current examples of ferritic applications (ICDA).

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Published 24/09/2012 07:13:04 Last Modified 24/09/2012 07:15:34

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