Tables of Fabrication Parameters for Stainless Steel


Euro Inox, Brussels, has released a publication that compiles information about welding processes and consumables, heat treatment and typical end-uses for more than 90 stainless steel grades. It is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use guide to some of the most frequently requested fabrication parameters.

Designers and fabricators can choose from a wide range of markedly different types of stainless steel. Specifiers, however, often hesitate to consider alternative grades because they are unsure of their manufacturing implications. What application is a particular grade typically used for? What is its weldability like? Which are the candidate welding processes and what filler material should be used? Does welding require pre-heating and if so what is the recommended temperature range?

Useful information on these issues may be dispersed and time-consuming to find. Euro Inox has compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions in a new folder, called “Stainless Steels: Tables of Fabrication Parameters”, to give material specifiers a broad overview in a user-friendly format. The data in this publication is taken from a range of authoritative sources and presented in a consistent style. The information contained in its 8 pages is listed in tabular format, for easy reference.

The folder can be downloaded from the Euro Inox website Printed copies can also be requested free of charge from, fax +32 2 706 82 69 referring to “Fabrication Parameters”.

Published 24/01/2013 10:45:00 Last Modified 23/01/2013 15:43:03

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