New Euro Inox architectural case studies

The latest batch of architectural case studies shows remarkable applications of stainless steel in both light structures and cladding.

The CaixaForum, located on Madrid’s famous museum boulevard, Paseo del Prado, is an example of the conversion of a late 19th-century electricity station into an exhibition venue. Used extensively for flooring and wall cladding inside, stainless steel creates a spectacular contrast with the original brick façade and an upper extension in weathering steel:

The Helix footbridge in Singapore counts among the most daring designs of its kind. Entirely built in Duplex stainless steel grade 1.4462, it is also an outstanding example of how unprotected high strength stainless steel can be a cost-effective material in tropical coastal environments:

 Much smaller in scale, two new entrance pavilions to the Irish Parliament building provide an example of an exceptionally light design. Stainless steel, timber and glass combine harmoniously and form additions which, despite their modern materials, are respectful of their historic environment:

Similarly, when requested to create an external entrance pavilion to the crypt of St Martin-in-the Fields in London, the architects chose a glazed structure, which is crowned by a dome-shaped stainless steel roof:

In all these cases, stainless steel has more than just a decorative function. Its intrinsic corrosion resistance and structural properties make it a rational choice.

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