Adhesive bonding a promising joining technique for stainless steel

Adhesive bonding can make stainless steel accessible to new users who may never have thought of it before. Carpenters, tilers or stonemasons often look for ways to integrate elegant stainless steel surfaces into their work, but they are not equipped to cut, form or weld metallic materials. Suitable adhesives provide fastening solutions that dispense with complex operations. Like glass, stainless steel panels – including mirror-polished, patterned or coloured ones –can be purchased from service centres in the required dimensions. Laser cutting is a convenient option for complex shapes. The ready-made panels can then easily be applied to masonry, plasterboard or wood.

Joining stainless steel to other metallic materials by adhesive avoids compatibility issues, since the adhesive provides electrical insulation and prevents galvanic corrosion. Also, to a great extent, the technique can compensate for differences in thermal expansion. The new Euro Inox publication Adhesive Bonding of Stainless Steels shows successful applications and provides an overview of suitable adhesives and of surface-preparation techniques.

The electronic version of the 16-page brochure can be downloaded from the Euro Inox website at

Published 21/11/2013 08:05:50 Last Modified 21/11/2013 08:07:32

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