Seminar on regulations laws directives and certifications

29 May 2014, Milan, Italy

From the point of view of regulations, laws, and standards, the world of stainless steel production and distribution, and the world of users, are currently going through a very important period, due to the updating, integration and revision activities concerning already existing documents in this connection, which represent a point of reference for all those who must be duly informed on the inclusion of new alloys, those who must buy appropriate materials, and those who want to be informed on their physical and chemical characteristics, as well as on their end use.

To take stock of the situation, and examine future developments, a one-day seminar has been organized, aimed at discussing and clarifying the different issues included in the agenda, and in particular, the updating status of the laws and regulations referring to the main iron and steel products, and the major current regulation and standard projects, in a period in which new steel grades have been launched in the market and are increasingly used for specialized applications, even if in some particular market niches, for the time being.

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