Adhesive bonding brochure available in English and German now

The Euro Inox brochure about the adhesive bonding of stainless steel, previously available in English only (, was recently published in a second language version, German ( It shows that stainless steel is easy to fasten to nearly any support when conventional fastening methods like welding or bolting are impractical. Problems of the galvanic compatibility of dissimilar metals are avoided because the adhesive serves as an insulation layer between the partner materials. Differences in thermal expansion can to a large extent be absorbed by adhesive layers. The brochure shall make stainless steel attractive for users who are not equipped to cut, bend or weld metallic materials. Like glass panes, stainless steel panels can be purchased in the required dimensions. Established techniques like laser cutting make it easy to produce most complex contours, if required. Adhesive bonding is used to attach high quality satin-finished, mirror-polished, patterned or coloured stainless steel sheets safely and cost-effectively to walls, ceilings, lift cabins or furniture. Risks of mechanical damage, warping or heat tint involved in mechanical fastening or welding are avoided. Adhesive bonding opens new market segments to stainless steel, predominantly in decorative building applications.

Adhesive manufacturers provide products that are specifically formulated for stainless steel.

Published 24/04/2014 19:03:14 Last Modified 24/04/2014 19:06:03

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