The Mexican Institute of Stainless Steel (IMINOX) presents the launch of its new IMINOX Blog, a new interactive virtual space where  publications about characteristics and application of stainless steel worlwide are regularly shared.

In the new IMINOX Blog readers could find papers related to stainless applications in areas of ABC, daily life products, human health and environment, industrial processes, transport and a special section to show different stainless applications in Mexico. The blog also includes additional sections such as a photo gallery, a video gallery, interesting links and a space for queries about stainless steel which will be answered by a technical adviser.

Through the blog IMINOX wishes to know and respond to comments from thr general public in order to build in México an interactive community of help in the use of stainless steel.

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Published 24/04/2014 18:51:36 Last Modified 24/04/2014 18:57:23

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