Nickel Institute brings together nickel allergy experts and stakeholders

On 25 June, the Nickel Institute hosted a workshop which brought together a wide range of stakeholders (EU institutions, national authorities, dermatologists, manufacturers, standards and testing experts) to establish the current thinking on Nickel Allergic Contact Dermatitis (NACD) and discuss achievements and challenges ahead, 20 years after the adoption of the EU Nickel Directive.

The full day event in Brussels covered many perspectives related to NACD and the EU nickel restriction on “articles intended to come into direct and prolonged skin contact”, providing stakeholders with an open platform to share views and experiences.

Presentations included a regulatory overview of how the legislation has developed from the Nickel Directive to be part of the EU REACH Regulation, a review of the properties and uses of nickel as well as reports from dermatologists, testing experts and enforcement authorities.
NiPERA’s Kate Heim presented the mechanism of nickel sensitization and the conditions under which it may occur, along with a forthcoming scientific research programme into the definition of “direct and prolonged skin contact” which currently lacks a scientific foundation, yet is important for a workable implementation of the regulations and was identified by many speakers as needing clarification.

The event was well received by participants who called for such a gathering to become a regular forum. Despite the very different perspectives and priorities of the various speakers, much common ground was identified.

The presentations, program, participants list and a new infographic on NACD can be downloaded here.

Published 24/07/2015 09:01:12 Last Modified 24/07/2015 09:03:20

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