Nickel Institute publishes NACD report

The Nickel Institute has published a summary report from a workshop held in June which discussed a wide range of topics related to Nickel Allergic Contact Dermatitis (NACD) and the EU Nickel Restriction. The event brought together over 50 participants from various stakeholders, including representatives from EU institutions, national authorities, dermatologists, industry, standards authorities and testing experts. The objective was to provide an open platform to share views, experiences and concerns as well as discuss the achievements and challenges ahead, 20 years after the adoption of the EU Nickel Directive.

The event provided an update on the latest EU activities relevant to the implementation of the Nickel Restriction, shared up-to-date knowledge on NACD and created a forum for cooperative and constructive communication between stakeholders regarding their practical experiences, challenges, concerns, expectations, current EU developments and potential implications as well as introduce a new scientific research project being conducted by the Nickel Institute.

The report and information about NACD can be downloaded from the Nickel Institute website.

Published 22/10/2015 07:27:39 Last Modified 22/10/2015 07:29:05

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