Stainless Steel Essential Material for Chimneys

Heating systems have to work reliably for decades. Their safe operation concerns mainly the discharge of flue-gases to the outside. Chimneys need to be resistant to soot fires and to shocks, e.g. due to building settlements or even seismic movements.

Stainless steel is a preferred material for refurbishing of chimneys or for new constructions. In most cases chimneys are an integral architectural part of private or public housing or office-buildings. For industrial constructions detached chimneys are more common.

Stainless steel grades containing nickel are applied to the inner and outer tubes of chimneys combining high corrosion and heat resistance with an exceptional strength to weight ratio are well capable of sustaining variable operating temperatures. Because of their comparatively light weight construction stainless steel is uncomplicated,  durable, practically maintenance-free, aesthetically pleasing, even after many years of operation and are cost-effective over the useful life of the chimney.

The construction of chimneys is regulated by European standards. Those have recently been adapted to meet changing conditions. ISER have revised two of their brochures dealing with chimneys: MB 867 “Edelstahl Rostfrei in der Gebäudetechnik: Abgasanlagen” and MB 870 “Edelstahl Rostfrei in freistehenden Schornsteinen”. The brochures are available under “” or as printed copy.

There also is an Euro Inox publication available in English: “Stainless Steel Chimneys” ( Inox Publications).

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