Cleaning and maintaining stainless steel

Stainless steel can last for the lifetime of a building, but surfaces can become unsightly over the years. In this recently published article from SSW News, Catherine Houska (on behalf of IMOA and the Nickel Institute), discusses the correct cleaning and maintenance procedures to deal with a number of common problems.

Cleaning & Maintaining Stainless Steel was published in Stainless Steel World News, Issue 117, April 2017, pages 6-7, author Catherine Houska, editor MatjaĆŸ Matošec. This article is a reprint of a North American cover feature article that appeared in The Construction Specifier Magazine in December 2016. It provides guidance on both standard and some common remedial cleaning issues so that surface damage is avoided or minimized. Since it was written with a global perspective, we hope that other magazines will be interested in re-printing it.

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