Asian Stainless Steel Forum 2018

Infrastructure is one of the main future drivers for stainless steel products world-wide. Infrastructure projects represent important applications for all product forms from cold rolled sheet to hot rolled plates, tube and pipes, as well as wire and bars and downstream products including fittings, flanges and fasteners.

And now the world’s biggest infrastructure project (‘OBOR‘, also called the ‘New Silk Road‘) of all time is picking up speed. The $900 billion project, initiated by the government of China, will have an impact far beyond its borders. 64 countries that represent 62% of the global population, could be impacted by the project.  It comprises 2 mega-trade corridors that shall connect China with Europe – once through Central Asia and once via Eastern Africa.

The OBOR project will boost infrastructure investments in all subscribing countries. However, it will also indirectly impact the stainless steel industry, as the newly integrated ‘4-in-1’ Indonesian stainless steel plants were financed through OBOR.

The Asian stainless steel industry will meet in Shanghai for 2 days to discuss the status quo of our sector and all relevant issues that will shape the business in 2018 and beyond. All key Chinese- and Asian players will be on stage as well as in the audience to discuss all relevant issues. Therefore, we have structured the event with more panel discussions than ever before to make sure everything – that is relevant for the audience – will be addressed.

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Published 27/03/2018 08:15:36 Last Modified 27/03/2018 08:24:21

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