Designing in Stainless Steel

Published 06 June 2023

This 4 hour course will equip engineers with the skills necessary to design structural stainless steel in accordance with current European design practice. 
As the demand for resilient and long-lasting structures with low maintenance requirements grows, applications for stainless steel in construction are increasing. Stainless steels are attractive and highly corrosion resistant steel alloys, with good strength, toughness, and fatigue. They are used for structures in coastal environments, exposed to deicing salts or in heavily polluted locations. 

Topics to be covered during this course include:

  • Material and mechanical properties
  • Recent case studies
  • Designing members and connections
  • Fire resistance

The differences in properties and behavior compared to carbon steel will be highlighted.
Each delegate will be given a PDF copy of the SCI Publication 'Design Manual for Structural Stainless Steel (P413)'

Nancy Baddoo and Dr Francisco Meza, SCI

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