New lifecycle assessment for nickel

Published 06 October 2020

The latest nickel life cycle assessment data (reference year 2017) for nickel metal, ferronickel and nickel sulphate are now available. The report provides a robust and transparent overview of the inputs (energy, process chemicals or water) and outputs (emissions to water, air or waste) of the nickel production process. Nine Nickel Institute member companies and twenty four production sites around the world contributed. “The study represents 52% of global nickel metal production, 47% of ferronickel production and 15% of nickel sulphate production” explains the Nickel Institute’s Dr. Mark Mistry who led the project. “It is compiled to ISO standards and has been independently critically reviewed. This is the third update of life cycle data for nickel. It shows the commitment of Nickel Institute member companies to provide customers and end users with high quality information.” Download summary infographics for nickel metal, nickel sulphate and ferronickel from the Nickel Institute website.

The full report is available upon request at

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