New publication explains total cost of ownership advantages of stainless steel

Published 01 October 2021

The Nickel Institute has published Stainless Steel Infrastructure: a lifetime of savings. This new publication explains how the unique properties of nickel-containing stainless steel make it a cost effective choice of material for a wide range of structural applications. It demonstrates through a selection of international case studies that the total cost of ownership over the life of a stainless steel asset can be highly competitive, despite its higher initial investment cost compared with less durable alternatives.

Nickel-containing stainless steel enjoys a reputation for structural durability, corrosion resistance and visual appeal in a wide range of applications and environments. Its unique properties deliver long-term performance and economic benefits including minimal downtime, reduced maintenance costs and reduced environmental impacts. 

Stainless steel infrastructure: a lifetime of savings demonstrates the effectiveness of life cycle costing and provides an introduction to the concept in relation to stainless steel.

This new publication from the Nickel Institute is a useful resource for architects, material specifiers, engineers and public authorities charged with selecting the best, most cost effective materials for infrastructure.  It is a helpful addition to the library of over 300 free technical publications and complements the Institute’s Technical Inquiry Service.

Download Stainless steel infrastructure: a lifetime of savings here.

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