New Publication on Materials for Seawater Cooling Systems

Published 01 December 2020

Both high alloyed nickel-containing stainless steels and nickel-containing copper alloys are used in seawater systems, but each family finds its particular application area, which is not adequately covered in the existing literature.  A totally new publication, written by Nickel Institute consultant Dr. Roger Francis, addresses this issue based on his long experience in this field.   The copper alloys assessed include copper-nickel alloys (one with 10% and another with 30% nickel) and nickel aluminum bronze (4.5% nickel). The stainless steels assessed include the 6%Mo family (18-25% nickel) and duplex alloys (6-7% nickel).  The publication, available on-line, is expected be of particular use in countries in Asia and the Middle East where seawater is commonly used in chemical and petrochemical plants. 

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