Nickel Institute peer reviewed article on stainless steel water pipes targets 10,000 water industry professionals

Published 22 March 2021

EU: France – ASTEE is the French scientific and technical association for water and the environment. Their technical magazine TSM has been reaching out to water technologists since 1906. A Nickel Institute peer-reviewed article about the benefits of stainless steel for water distribution service lines, as experienced in Asian cities was published in the February 2021 issue, with a reach of about 10,000 professionals.

The Asian success stories have taught the stainless steel community about reduced water leakage and reduced repairs as well as the cost savings that result from substituting existing water distribution service lines with stainless steel. In many areas of the world, this substitution was initiated by using plastics, not stainless steels. Those plastics are showing flaws that stainless steel could mitigate. This is why the story needs to be told, even more so in communities that have embraced competing materials. The French industry has a strong position in utilities worldwide (Suez, Veolia) which makes this initiative relevant beyond France.

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