Nickel Magazine - At the extremes nickel extends the range

Published 14 December 2020

The past year has been one of extremes. Almost all of us have had to rise one way or another to the challenges it has presented. And so it is in engineering and design. In meeting our goals for the delivery of solutions that satisfy human needs and increasing expectations, in reaching for the extreme and exploring new possibilities, in doing so against the backdrop of higher sustainability, longer life, lower cost – nickel is always there.

In this edition of Nickel we examine some of the demands faced by materials and the answers found in nickel. From standing up to the extremes of temperature in chemical reactions and power generation, to resilience in extreme arctic or marine conditions. Nickel enabling durability and capacity makes extreme cycle life for power cells possible with the prospect of the ‘million-mile’ battery for the next generation of electric vehicles.

Whatever the great uncertainties are for the coming year, one certainty is that nickel will contribute to overcoming many of our current challenges safely, cleanly and with strength and purpose.

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