Reflecting on Chromium 2022

Published 15 December 2022

Our recent event, held in Istanbul in October 2022, was an outstanding success. Attended by 190 delegates, representing 110 organisations from 31 countries, it was the most prominent Chromium industry event of the year.

Whilst the macro-economic context continues to be highly uncertain, the chromium industry remains committed to pursuing strong leadership on the ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) agenda. This was made clear by both ICDA President Zelda du Preez and Robert Yildirim, key sponsor of the conference, in their welcoming address. Delegates also heard Sant Manukyan, from International Capital Markets, discuss the uncertainty of the macro-economic landscape in his keynote address.

During the event delegates had the opportunity to question leading analysts on stainless steel and its alloying elements. The war in Ukraine and the energy crisis were prominent topics, with excellent analysis provided by several experts. Regional outlooks on chromium were also discussed.

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