Wasting Fresh Water: Stopping Systemic Failures

Published 05 November 2020

Around one third of valuable treated drinking water is lost through leaks in distribution systems. Not only in developing cities, even the capital cities of major economies are losing far more water than is sustainable. In Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei they have installed corrugated stainless steel water service pipes; a system which avoids leaking at joints, reduces the number of joints, prevents residues building up in pipework and resists seismic shocks. Even though the impression might be this must be a high cost option, it is not in the long term. Learn more about this system that can save millions of cubic metres of fresh treated water, reduced overall costs and reduced GHG emissions.

On Thursday 26 November 2020 ISSF will host a webinar on a system that helps reducing wasting fresh water. 

There will be two sessions:

Session 1: 08:00 CET: register here
Session 2: 14:00 CET: register here

For more information, you can contact Jo Claes at education@issf.org

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