General information on the fabrication and installation of stainless steels in building and construction.

Application of stainless steel in the water industry

This resource is an information and guidance note aimed to help plant designers and operators realise the opportunities where selecting stainless steel for applications in the water industry will yield economic benefits. The material properties of stainless steel are described and the finishes noted. Guidance is then given on material selection for corrosion resistance, design of structural members, tanks and pipework systems, fabrication and installation. Finally the economic benefits in the form of savings are summarised for initial installation, operating and life cycle costs.

Date: 1999
Provider: Steel Construction Institute

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Manufacture, processing and use of stainless steel: a review of the health effects

This resource is a critical review of the literature relating to health effects associated with stainless steels, from manufacture through to processing and end use. It is aimed to provide an evaluation of the health hazards against the EU classification criteria. The material itself, the manufacture and the processing (cutting, polishing, forming) of stainless steel is then assessed for hazards for exposure, toxicokinetics and toxicity and finally any further research resources are noted.

Date: 1999
Provider: Euro Inox

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Post-fabrication surface treatment of stainless steels

Manufacturers and users do not always fully understand the importance of restoring a clean stainless steel surface after fabrication. Euro Inox has published a concise paper, which explains why, when and how post-fabrication surface treatment should be applied.

Date: February 2015
Provider: Euro Inox

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Stainless steel in contact with other metallic materials

Experience shows that the compatibility of different metals in mixed-material assemblies is an often-neglected aspect of design, fabrication and installation. This is particularly relevant when “noble” materials like stainless steel are used in direct contact with other, more common metallic materials. While this is does not normally affect stainless steel, the less corrosion-resistant partner metal may suffer accelerated corrosion. The brochure explains the underlying principle of galvanic corrosion and gives guidance towards – usually simple – precautionary measures that prevent unwanted reactions. It provides practical examples from building and construction, water and sewage treatment and plumbing. It enables the reader to find out which material combinations are safe and which require special attention. The brochure gives advice on practical methods of preventing galvanic corrosion.

Date: 2009
Provider: Euro Inox

This paper is available in Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish

The Ferritic Solution: properties, advantages, applications

This resource is a detailed review of ferritic stainless steels with the aim of promoting their use. As ferritic stainless steels do not contain nickel, their price is relatively stable. The chemical composition, mechanical and physical properties, welding techniques, fabrication practices and available product forms are all listed. Examples are given demonstrating the use of ferritics in a wide range of sectors.

Date: 2007
Provider: International Stainless Steel Forum

This brochure is available in ChineseEnglishFrenchGermanHindiItalianJapaneseKoreanPortugueseSpanish and Turkish.

Architects Guide to Stainless Steel (SCI-P179)

This resource provides information on the design, specification, manufacture and maintenance of stainless steel architectural components. The ‘Design and Technology’ section includes structural and performance information on stainless steel and reviews production and finishing techniques. The ‘Case Studies’ section provides numerous examples of the contemporary use of stainless steel in architecture. In each case the design criteria, finish, joining techniques, structural drawings and images for the stainless steel element are described and presented. The Appendices summarise the standards relating to stainless steel, the mechanical and physical properties the product range and the finish designation.

Date: 1997
Provider: Steel Construction Institute

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