Description of the welding of stainless steels and possible issues.

The welding of stainless steel

This resource is a paper describing how to weld stainless steels. Firstly, it describes the chemical composition and mechanical properties associated with the different families of stainless steels. Then the majority of the paper concerns itself with ‘welding processes’, with the subheadings of ‘electric arc’, ‘resistance and induction’ and ‘radiation energy’ - under each, the available techniques are illustrated and described. Following this, the weldability of each family, selection of shielding gases, selection of welding consumables, joint preparation in arc welding, finishing treatments and safe practices are covered.

Date: 2007
Provider: Euro Inox

This paper is available in Czech, Dutch, English, Polish and Turkish.

Welding and post fabrication cleaning for construction and architectural applications

This resource is a paper describing the issues of distortion during fabrication and welding, control of stainless steel welding processes and post fabrication cleaning. Buckling distortion can result from either poor design or welding practices. The key factors for good welding are clearly defined welding procedures (BS EN 1011 and BS EN 287 and BS EN 288 are mentioned), control of heat input, temperature control and cleanliness. Welding electrode selection and methods including TIG, MMA, FCA, plasma, submerged arc and stud welding are covered. Finally, the importance of careful heat tint removal (temper coloured areas) is discussed by either mechanical abrasion or chemical pickling cleaning methods. Although this establishes the corrosion resistance for the particular grade welded, care is needed with chemical pickling as it can change (dull) the aesthetic appearance of the surfaces.

Date: 2002
Provider: British Stainless Steel Association

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