Different properties of stainless steels highlighted.

Fire resistance rating and testing of stainless steels

This resource explains fire testing and fire rating of stainless steel components. Stainless steels do not have an intrinsic fire rating but all families (austenitic, duplex, ferritic) have inherent oxidation resistance and elevated temperature strength. Testing is done on specific grades under precise conditions according to BS 476 Parts 20, 21 (load bearing elements) and 22 (non load bearing elements). The results of fire test show that for load bearing applications stainless steel has better heat resistance than carbon steels, melting at 1375 degrees C and maintaining 55% of its ambient temperature 0.2% proof stress at 800 degrees C.

Provider: British Stainless Steel Association

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Stainless steel in fire

This resource summarises test data from an extensive range of fire tests on stainless steels. The resource is divided into distinct work packages that were undertaken by various organisations. These packages are: Fire resistant structures and products (analyzing temperature development in various arrangements of stainless steel elements with FE), Composite members in fire (tests on unreinforced and reinforced concrete inside EN grade 1.4401 RHS stainless steel section), Class 4 cross sections in fire (tests on loaded RHS columns), Bolts and welds at elevated temperatures (isothermal tests on butt welded joints and bolt assemblies in shear and tension), Parametric fire design (numerical studies on stainless steel as external columns and as columns in open car parks subject to realistic fire loads) and Design aids and software (A set of generic strength retention curves are developed and online software for predicting the fire resistance design of cold formed stainless steel structural members). All these packages are summarised and design guidance based on the findings is presented.

Date: 2008
Provider: Steel Construction Institute

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Stainless steel: tables of technical properties

This resource contains tabulated information for all stainless steel flat products available (all grades are given in EN and AISI grade designation). The chemical composition of each grade from each family (austenitic, ferritic, duplex, martenistic) is shown as % alloy content. The mechanical properties such as hardness, proof strength, tensile strength and elongation after fracture are given for all the grades, thicknesses and product forms (hot or cold rolled strip and plate). Finally the physical properties such as density, elastic modulus, thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity and electrical resistivity are given for all grades.

Date: 2007
Provider: Euro Inox

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The Ferritic Solution: properties, advantages, applications

This resource is a detailed review of ferritic stainless steels with the aim of promoting their use. As ferritic stainless steels do not contain nickel, their price is relatively stable. The chemical composition, mechanical/physical properties, welding techniques, fabrication practices and available product forms are all listed. Examples are given demonstrating the use of ferritics in a wide range of sectors.

Date: 2007
Provider: world stainless association

This brochure is available in Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

Martensitic stainless steels

Martensitic stainless steels have an excellent strength to weight ratio, strong resistance to corrosion, a good hardness and a wide range of applications, of which the best known are probably knife steels, which are capable of holding a sharp edge.

To provide the right environment for further growth of this range of materials it was necessary to research existing and potential applications, to provide a technical introduction to the material and testimonials from existing producers who have used the material and can talk with authority about its value.

Date: 2018
Provider: world stainless association

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Duplex stainless steels

Duplex stainless steels form the latest family of stainless steels, tested as early as in the 1930’s and mass produced from the 1970’s onwards. Their excellent mechanical properties and their corrosion resistance have made them a first choice material for high-load applications in corrosive environments.

This reference document will inform and guide readers in how to appropriately select the correct duplex stainless steel for specific projects. It will also provide sound guidance for the selection of duplex stainless steels, when this family of stainless steels may not have been otherwise considered. This brochure is recommended for producers, material specifiers, architects, OEMs and stockists, with the knowledge that they will all find this a helpful tool in their material selection decisions and market development activities.

Date: 2020
Provider: world stainless association

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