Research papers from the Imperial College and the University of Sydney.

Research Papers by Dr Leroy Gardner (Imperial College)

Dr Leroy Garder, from Imperial College, has published more than 20 research papers investigating the structural response of stainless steel.  Through experiments and numerical analyses, he has studied cold formed sections, hollow sections, connections and response in fire, developing more economic design procedures for structural stainless steel than are currently in the Eurocode EN 1993-1-4.

Provider: Imperial College

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Research Papers by Professor Kim Rasmussen (University of Sydney)

Professor Kim Rasmussen, from the University of Sydney, has published many research papers on the structural response of stainless steel.  His recent research interests include the distortional buckling and interaction buckling of stainless steel structural members, which he has studied through experimental programmes and numerical analyses and developed advanced design recommendations for these members.

Provider: University of Sydney

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