Chromium Industry Climate Change Task Force – Decarbonization Pathway

Published 07 December 2023

Over the past 20 years, the ICDA has commissioned five LCAs studies at regular intervals to enable responsible monitoring of the environmental impact of the chromium industry.

We currently have a robust understanding of our environmental impact and, with industry support, we are taking another step forward with the creation of a Climate Change Task Force to establish a decarbonisation pathway for the chrome industry.

Several of our members have already committed to decarbonisation pathways and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. In support of its industry, the ICDA has decided to establish this

Climate Change Task Force to work together towards our common goal of a chrome industry with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

We are committed to setting an example in creating a better world for both present and future generations. The sustainability dimension has been pivotal to the ICDA since its inception. Our objective is to achieve the minimum environmental impact for chromium, which has a wide range of applications that play an important role in progress and innovation.

Expect more announcements in the coming months as we work with the industry to create a pathway to carbon neutrality.

For more information, please contact ICDA (click here).

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