Environmental Impact of LC FeCr Production

Published 07 December 2023

We are pleased to confirm the release of the summary of the first LCA for LC FeCr commissioned by the ICDA. Low carbon ferrochrome (LC FeCr), with a carbon content below 0.5%, is a ferroalloy used to regulate the ratio of chromium in steel production without adding carbon and other unwanted ingredients. It is also used by the specialty steels and superalloys industries.

Key takeaways and way forward

  • Electricity consumption of the FeSiCr smelting is the main contributor to the impacts and a more efficient FeSiCr production process has the potential to reduce impacts further.
  • Implementation of low carbon energy sources in the production of FeSiCr must be considered.
  • It is recommended to investigate opportunities to use renewable and green energy in the LCFeCr smelting process and to take results of the LCA as a baseline to start to develop a pathway to decarbonize LC FeCr.

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