Team Stainless Mission

Team Stainless promotes the many benefits of stainless steels to a sustainable society.

Team Stainless is an informal cooperation between associations of the stainless steel and the alloying element industries. It has a global mission.

The objectives of Team Stainless include:

  • Foster profitable stainless steel market growth
  • Educate users about the use of stainless steel
  • Promote innovation and develop markets
  • Communicate the many benefits and contributions to a sustainable society
  • Raise the profile / image of the product and the industry
  • Provide global facts for local use
  • Encourage and promote production, use, re-use/recycling in a socially and environmentally responsible manner
  • Speak with one voice
  • Defend stainless steel and its constituent elements against unfair regulatory treatment
  • Provide an informal platform for sharing and exchanging information


Typical working methods:

  • Cooperative identification and execution of projects, e.g. publications in printed, audio-visual or electronic formats
  • Publication of case studies
  • Contribution to conference and exhibitions
  • Sharing and commissioning studies on market and Health, Safety and Environment issues
  • Sharing published statistical data