Key takeaways from the ICDA Members Meeting in Hong Kong

Published 13 June 2024

The recent event held in Hong Kong in May 2024 was another outstanding success.

The event, which was attended by 200 delegates across the global chromium value chain, celebrated the 40th anniversary of the ICDA, established in 1984.

The event provided an opportunity to recall the ICDA’s history and give tribute to its founders, as well as to welcome the newly joined members.

“We continue to pursue founders mission of fostering global sustainable growth in the chromium industry. We are confident that those leaders would be proud of what we have achieved in their footsteps. We are equally confident that much more will be achieved by us, by you and by the next generation of industry leaders to ensure we continue to sustainably supply the raw materials that contribute to advance our societies.” Zelda du Preez, ICDA President

We were privileged to hear Shaun Rein, who delivered a fascinating keynote address, updating the audience on the China-US relationship and the Chinese economy in the context of current global geopolitical tensions. The Q&A session proved to be an invaluable opportunity for further discussion and exchange of views.

We were delighted to have the opportunity to host several experts in the Chinese chrome industry including Han Jianbiao (ZLJ Steel) Wen Luo (Ferroalloynet), Tina Tong (Fastmarkets).

Stainless steel was brilliantly covered by Markus Moll (SMR) and we learnt more about Indonesian Nickel strategy with Katrin Meidy (Indonesian Nickel Producers Association)

We would like to thank top analysts Tanisha Grace Shultz, Nishtha Mukerjee and Tong Tong for their presentation on Global chrome markets as they analysed how systemic issues and volatility could be impacting those markets.

The overarching message from the speeches is that the ‘Global South’ needs to secure its supply of raw materials to sustain its growth. However, in the absence of a favourable global economic context, the potential threat of oversupply could adversely affect growth.

The event offered excellent networking opportunities, including a cocktail reception, a gala dinner, two networking lunches, and dedicated networking areas. The second edition of the Chromium Sustainability Awards, sponsored by TELF AG, concluded with a dazzling gala dinner.

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