Case studies on the use of stainless steels in swimming pools, rainwater goods, pipes and plumbing.

Stainless steel for outdoor swimming pools

A refurbishment and upgrading initiative in Munich
Stainless steel for public swimming baths

Public swimming pools are subject to a whole host of regulations and official guidelines. The legal requirements in terms of hygiene and safety must be met at the same time as keeping operating costs low and satisfying the ever-growing demands of pool users. Many older facilities fall short of today’s expectations and so in recent years there has been an increased focus on refurbishment and modernisation.

Date: 2003
Provider: Euro Inox

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Stainless steel for rainwater goods and accessories

This resource is a technical guide for designers using stainless steel in drainage systems. The advantages and disadvantages of different grades of stainless steel in drainage systems are discussed. The surface finishes available are considered (milled, brushed, matt, tin coated, annealed and coloured). Finally the guidelines for working with stainless steel are described - the tools used, forming, soldering, bonding and fixings.

Date: 2005
Provider: Euro Inox

This guide is available in Czech, Dutch, English, German, Finnish, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish.

Stainless steel pipes for buildings

This resource provides information on the design, construction and maintenance of stainless steel piping. ‘The Basics’ describes the mechanical and physical properties of stainless steel. The ‘Design’ section covers: the uses, capacities, specification, horizontal and vertical piping, expansion and contraction, water hammer and corrosion. The ‘Construction’ section covers the: planning, transport handling and storage, cutting, bending, junctions and welding, joints, supporting and anchoring of pipes, coating and testing. The ‘Maintenance’ section covers the methods used, items to inspect, water quality control, types of water system, boilers and supply systems. Finally the ‘Reference’ section provides details of related standards, further information about corrosion in stainless steel and examples to demonstrate common problems.

Date: 2012
Provider: Nickel Institute

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Stainless steel plumbing

This resource provides a booklet of information tailored towards designers, plumbers, end-users and maintenance engineers interested in providing reliable potable water systems using stainless steel. Firstly the properties and corrosion resistance of stainless steels are described and shown to be significantly more resilient against high water velocities than copper piping. The techniques used to disinfect stainless steels are described. The tubing standards; BS 4127:1994 (light gauge steel) and BS 3605:1991 (austenitic steel) are considered. The types of stainless steel fittings available are presented and finally the fabrication and handling procedures for these fittings are described.

Date: 1997
Provider: Nickel Institute

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The suitability and use of stainless steel for plumbing applications

This resource provides a synopsis of a research project carried out by the BSSA on the suitability of stainless steel tube and fitting products for internal building plumbing applications. The material, environmental, economic and aesthetic benefits of stainless steels in plumbing applications are outlined and the use of stainless steel plumbing in Scottish hospitals reviewed. European regulations are summarized, before a discussion on the market place perceptions of stainless steels and cost analysis is discussed. It is concluded that stainless steel is particularly suited to large-scale plumbing installations, such as hospitals, childrens’ and old peoples’ homes, prisons, schools and hotels, where health and safety are prime considerations.

Date: 2003
Provider: British Stainless Steel Association

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