Stainless steel: reducing food wastage and environmental impact

Small differences to our day-to-day lives can make a positive impact in reducing waste and environmental impact. For example, using a stainless steel reusable water bottle or stainless steel straw rather than plastic ones ensures there are less materials being sent to landfill. Using stainless steel containers to store food and stainless steel razors rather than disposable ones are also ways to make a difference.

Stainless steel also helps to reduce food wastage. For example, at every step of food processing, manufacturing, storage and distribution, stainless steel provides machinery and equipment that are robust as well as easily cleaned and disinfected. Enabling hygienic conditions to prevent food losses.

Every day large amounts of food waste accumulate in restaurants, food courts, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, stadiums and convention centers. Typically this volume goes into the waste bins and has to be hauled away for off-site disposal. Ultra-modern biodigesters, machines with a “stomach” of stainless steel, are revolutioniszing the way such waste is handled in institutional settings.