A lifetime of savings with stainless steel

Stainless steel plays an important role in infrastructure because of its structural durability, corrosion resistance and visual appeal. Material selection is a decisive factor for the durability and lifespan of infrastructure and is the key to maximum availability and low maintenance costs during its entire life cycle.

Efficient operation of public infrastructure has a strong effect on the quality of our daily lives: reliable access to energy and drinking water; the ease of traveling by road, rail, air or water; the safe disposal of waste and sewage; all determine how we live and work. While it may require a larger initial investment compared to other materials, the unique properties of stainless steel deliver long-term performance and economic benefits including minimum downtime, reduced maintenance costs and reduced environmental impacts. Material selection decisions are often based solely on the initial stage of purchasing. Wrong and short-sighted choices are made which make the infrastructure suffer in the long run, from a maintenance and premature replacement point of view.