Case studies - Stainless steel vehicular bridges

Stainless steel vehicular bridges are becoming more common. Here are two case studies of stainless steel’s successful use in the construction of vehicular bridges. 

George Washington Bridge - Hundreds of thousands of vehicles hurry across the George Washington Bridge in New York  every day. The aging bridge is one way to enter Manhattan from New Jersey by car, and it sees more vehicle traffic than any other bridge on Earth.  But it is in need of critical repairs. Coming to George’s aid is Type 316LN stainless steel rebar, which will revitalize the crumbling concrete decks of this more important passageway. 

Ft Worth bridge - Iconic bridges that combine cutting edge technology and aesthetic beauty are increasingly used to create visual focal points in city centers, but very few are constructed on modest budgets and ahead of schedule. Ft Worth vehicular bridge is the world’s first precast concrete network arch bridges, with stainless steel hanger bars within them.