Water supply

Stainless Flexible Service lines are proving an effective way to dramatically reduce water loss. 

Water utilities worldwide lose an estimated 30% of freshly treated drinking water through leaks in their distribution network. Added to the direct cost of the lost water that cannot be sold are the financial and environmental costs of finding, treating and storing more water to compensate for the losses. This problem affects both rich and poor countries alike.  Most of the loss occurs in the service pipe connecting the water main to the water meter at each property. 

Over the last 40 years, across millions of connections, stainless steel service lines have been proven to dramatically reduce water loss, and the number of repairs required, in some of Asia’s largest cities. These robust and durable tubes help to save hundreds of millions of dollars each year. They also reduce energy use and eliminate the need for additional water supplies and processing plants.

A Stainless Flexible Service Line, made from stainless steel partially corrugated tubing, is an effective solution for service line applications. Its installation is quick and easy with the added benefit of being totally flexible.